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    Centsible Lighting

    Since 2003, Centsible Lighting has been a manufacturer and distributor of light, sound and motion electronic products for industries such as energy, utilities, financial services, gaming and health care. We understand how vital a quick turnaround time is, so we are diligent about meeting delivery schedules for various advertising campaigns.

    At Centsible Lighting, we specialize in LED lighting. LED is a highly energy-efficient lighting technology that could possibly change the future of lighting entirely. Residential LEDs generally use significantly less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. Widespread use of such products could save the equivalent annual electrical output of 44 large electric power plants (1000 megawatts each), and save a total of $30 billion in current electric prices.

    A Simple Strip of Light

    Flexible LED light strips are great for a wide variety of applications. From edge lit signs to canopy illumination to case lighting, LED light strips come in a variety of lengths and types—waterproof versions included. One of Centsible Lighting’s LED strips is the flexible 300 LEDs per meter. Featuring efficient and bright 3528 SMD LEDs and 300 LEDs per reel, LED light strips are available in three different waterproof ratings: waterproof (IP68), non-waterproof (IP20) and water resistant (IP65). Perfect applications for this kind of product include interior lighting, ceilings, shelves, cabinets, RVs, motor homes, boats and aviation.

    Raising the Bar

    Rigid LED light bars are perfect for under cabinets or for task lighting. These lights are also available in different colors, lengths and housings. Try a LED light bar “L” with block connectors. As 90-degree angle light bars, this product combines with other LED light barsthat have block connectors. Featuring a 120-degree beam angle and available in a variety of colors, these light bars are for indoor and outdoor use, and are easily mountable using double-stick adhesive tape or metal clips.

    Other Illuminating Products

    From flood lights to canopy lights to party lights, Centsible Lighting has the perfect product for your lighting needs. Our 10-watt LED flood light is a super bright high-output flood lamp that utilizes epistar COB LED. With 120 volts and a 120-degree beam angle, this product has a power supply conversion efficiency of 88%. Its heavy duty emission offers longer lifespan for the LEDs as well as the power supply. A mounting bracket is included, making it possible to use indoors or outdoors.

    Centsible Lighting also features a LED canopy light, a four-LED light module. Perfect for commercial areas, residential areas, gyms, garages and warehouses, this product offers 14 CREE XPG per module and a 5270K color temperature. Offering 100,000 hours of life, it also contains DALI for remote monitoring, reporting and networking. To illuminate that next group gathering, invest in some LED party lights. Each strand offers 100 super bright LEDs, three inches apart on clear wire. Stretching 25 feet in length, they also feature weatherproof end-to-end connectors. Ideal for both indoor or outdoor occasions, these strands can be connected with up to 15 other sets.

    For more LED and lighting products, browse our online selection. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us.